My First Blog?


Well, my first in about 6 years. The only blogs I’ve written were based around mental health, which surprisingly didn’t help me deal with my mental health. Anyway, this blog is about the insane amount of stress I’m feeling right now. It’s f*ing awesome.

3 university assignments coming up and I am embracing my new persona of ‘Ball of Stress’. I have a few moments each day where I panic and think, “Why did I decide to do this?” That’s normal, isn’t it?

The thing I really struggle with is how fake it all seems. I know that what I’m learning is a good foundation for starting out, and everyone has to start somewhere, but I still feel useless in most situations. The only encouragement I’m feeling at the moment is that this time next year school will be over and I’ll be able to progress from ‘code-fetus’ to ‘code-toddler’.

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