Panic is ov- Wait, nevermind.

Remembering to regularly attempt a blog post is not my strong point. Oh well.

I managed to survive exams relatively intact (physically at least), so I’m able to relax. Nope.

While I don’t need to overly stress since it’s just a lightening talk, my impending NI Developers Conference talk is making me feel all sorts of emotions. Something I didn’t expect was to be excited at this stage. Surprisingly the crippling anxiety hasn’t kicked in, but when I’m on an up week I constantly have a sense of impending doom.

An axe hanging over my head is how it feels right now, and I’m waiting for a small thing to fuck it all up and decapitate me(which might actually be a blessing, ha!). This talk isn’t a big event, it’s only 8 minutes of my time, but trying something that’s so incredibly far out of my comfort zone is a big event.

So to sum up my short rambling thoughts; excited about talking to a crowd. Fuck.

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